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Atypical lymphocytes and cellular cannibalism in chronic periapical lesions: A first insight with possible implications
Abhishek Singh Nayyar, Ketki P. Kalele, Kaustubh P. Patil
Edorium Journal of Pathology 2016;3:1–6.  Article ID: 100005P03AN2016  doi:10.5348/P03-2016-5-OA-1
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Potential etiologic of the epigenetic field defect in the diseases and in cancer
Giorgio Malpeli
Edorium Journal of Pathology 2015;2:10–13.  Article ID: 100004P03GM2015  doi:10.5348/P03-2015-4-ED-3
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The research on vitamin D and cancer in Italy. Searching for an authorative expertise: The case of the University of Verona
Salvatore Chirumbolo
Edorium Journal of Pathology 2015;2:5–9.  Article ID: 100003P03SC2015  doi:10.5348/P03-2015-3-ED-2
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Lights and shadows of HER2 testing in upper gastrointestinal carcinomas
Antonio Ieni, Valeria Barresi, Giovanni Tuccari
Edorium Journal of Pathology 2015;2:1–4.  Article ID: 100002P03AI2015  doi:10.5348/P03-2015-2-ED-1
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Case Report
Primary malignant lymphoma of testis in a young immune competent adult: A case report
Vandana Rana, Devika Gupta, Rajat Jagani, Giriraj Singh
Edorium Journal of Pathology 2014;1:1–5.  Article ID: 100001P03VR2014  doi:10.5348/P03-2014-1-CR-1
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